O God, my Lord, * Creator and Saviour * from whom everything originates, * for whom everything lives * and towards whom everything heads. * I am your child. * You endowed me abundantly * and summoned me to live a life of love and holiness. * You chose that I should work together with you * in developing further your deed of creation. * To this end you gave me cognitive power, * creative passion * and willingness to rejoice in that which you had bestowed upon me. * I adore you for it!

O Lord, my good Father, * I stand before you, trustful and humble, * because I want to understand the truth about you, * about my life and vocation * and about my fellow human beings * who stand beside me, both at home and in my work.

I thank you that work for the sake of others and together with others * has become my vocation and my path to holiness. * I know that I have undertaken a difficult responsibility for their fate.* I wish to bear it in trust and hope, * in order to prove myself a good landlord in your vineyard. * I also bear this responsibility * because I trust that this is your will, * o my God.

Grant me your Holy Spirit, * the source of all might, * wisdom, prudence and courage. * May he become illumination and strength * in my moments of temptation and doubt! * May his love so fill my heart * that it allows no greed, * willingness to deceive * or temptation towards dishonourable gain to take root! * May he never allow me become burdened by harm done to human beings! * May he fill me with wisdom, * so that my ability to economize never turns into meanness, * rational prudence never turns into scheming calculation, * and initiative and entrepreneurship never turn into pursuit of success at any price.

It is to you, my Father and God, that I owe everything, * and it is to you that I return all my talents. * It is to you that I return the work which fills my life, * which sanctifies me, * and by which I wish to contribute to the development of the world with which you have entrusted us. * May honour and glory be to you * through Christ, your Son and our Saviour, * in the Holy Spirit, * forever and ever. * Amen.